All About Naavi

So you want to find out more about me? Read on below to find out the full Naavi The Cat story!

We’ll I’m Naavi. The vet has classified me as a “domestic short hair”, but don’t believe the domestic tag – I don’t do anything around the house. That’s what I have my humans for!

I don’t remember too much about when I was born, but I know that my mother tried hard to look after me and my brothers and sisters, but she was homeless, so it was pretty difficult for her. We were taken to a local shelter that helped her to take care of us all until we got big and strong enough to go out on our own.

My brothers and sisters all got adopted out, and it was just me left. It turned out that was lucky because that’s when my humans, Michael & Mimi, found me. Of course, they fell in love straight away (and who wouldn’t!) and I got to go and take over their home.

From then until now I’ve been eating, growing and never getting spoilt enough.

My human, Michael, has helped me to create my very own web site so you can all follow along with me and find out what I’m doing and what’s going on in my life.

So come and check out what’s happening, and remember to send my humans a message if you want to contact me.